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Street Style: Kathryn


Kathryn’s street style is Kamp and kitsch entwined with chic sophistication. Baby blue is an awesome colour a colour unlike many looks amazing as a full outfit. The top is from French Connection and is in a sheer blue chiffon fabric with detailing of a cute white satin collar. Working the sheer clothing trend is one of the hardest to pull off but Kathryn has done this remarkably well by introducing a white bra crop top underneath the translucent fabric of her top for that added depth and dimension to her look.

To continue the white and baby blue tones in the bottom half of her ensemble Kathryn is donning a pair of cloud print leggings from Black Milk with a pair of multi-coloured Nike kicks. Accessorising can really make or break a look, we love the way Kathryn has accessorised making her look pop by rocking a pair of leopard print designer sunnies and a metallic gold over the shoulder satchel.


How to Spot Fake Fashion

Here at London is the Reason we appreciate good quality luxurious clothing and accessories while understanding the price (although sometimes out of reach) often reflects the finish. We’ve all been in the situation at some point, either on holiday, searching online or in a local shop – you see a must have handbag that’s only a fraction of the actual cost. While there’s less direct selling of fake pieces in London than other major cities there are still a few areas to be careful of, most notably Camden.

Whichever stories you hear about these kind of pieces; are they actually fake or do some of them have manufacturing faults? It’s hard to know for sure but we have an infographic produced for us that illustrates some great statistics on the industry and tips on how to spot fake fashion. We think the image looks great and will be looking in great detail before our next purchase!