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Men’s Beauty Guide – London Edition

Men are probably the most interest demographic in terms of beauty and fashion. While women are clearly more involved to say the least, it’s no surprise that men are lagging behind. As a fashionista, it boggles my mind to see grungy men walking in the streets all day.

This beauty guide is gonna focus on some basic, quick to enact essentials for men to take note of. Let’s begin.

Control Your Facial Hair Properly

The first mistake that is evident is guys have no idea how to maintain their facial hair. It’s very simple. Either shave it well, without clawing your skin off, or keep your beard neat and tidy. If your skin can’t handle a razor shave because it is too sensitive, switch to one of these top foil or rotary electric shavers and thank us later.

Some facial hair styles that are in trend right now in London is the short stubble, which the electric shaver can definitely do, or just go clean shaven altogether. You can also be bold and have a full beard, but that will require a lot more attention so if you’re lazy, just shave.

Use a Moisturizer and Sunscreen

We know that you don’t have time to follow the arduous and time consuming process of skin care, but the bare minimum is essential to the well-being of your skin. All you have to do takes 2 minutes a day max. Firstly, cleanse your face at night, removing all the excess particles and dirt that accumulated through the day. Then, in the morning just apply a moisturizer for hydration and a SPF 30+ sunscreen for protection against the leading cause of skin related issues, the sun.

That’s it. You can then move on with your day knowing that you will not age rapidly, especially if you are one of those guys that spend an ample amount of time outside.

Reminder to shower and use deodorant

A lot of guys simply stink. Whether you like or not, it’s true. This can be easily prevented by showering and using deodorant. A natural deodorant is better for you hygienically and healthily, but it does cost more than your cheap Axe body spray.

Still, it’s better to not smell bad so the Axe will do. For those of you that can spare 6 quid, this Salt of the Earth natural deodorant is exceptional. Use it after your shower at night so it absorbs into your skin and in the morning before you go out.

Floss, Floss, Floss

Flossing is extremely important for your dental health. Unfortunately, London is a place where dental health is often neglected and we are embarrassingly made fun of by a country that is just west of the Atlantc ( yes, were talking about you Americans 😛 ).

In all seriousness, you should brush your teeth twice a day and floss after each meal. Now I know most guys will never do that, so just floss at least once at night and it will make a massive difference.

This beauty guide has pretty much covered the essentials, and we can keep going but I feel that it might become a case of information paralysis. Let’s see some more of you male Londoners take your beauty seriously so that we can compete for best looking men in the world !

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