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Street Style: Directional Onyx

Directional Onyx

Directional Onyx


This Londoner is presenting a street style look that is of cool avant-garde aesthetic. I love this look because it explores true personal style, the look pays attention to detail with regards to artistry and cut of the pieces, which is all so fundamental in formulating fashion forward ensemble such as this one. Looking for more vibrant fashion pieces? David Bowie was not only iconic in the music industry, but the fashion industry as well. This piece shown above could be categorized by David Bowie’s 70’s “Soul Bowie” look.

Speaking of avant-garde pieces, urban-street wear is the perfect setting to try something new, maybe try a pop of colour!



Street Style: Thomas & Nathan

Thomas and Nathan

These guys are the epiphany of East London street style, rugged but stylishly suave…

The student duo Thomas and Nathan have gone for street styles that are simple but cool, the beauty with this kind of look is it is easy to recreate the same kind of look with other pieces in your wardrobe. The choice of clothes they are wearing are of a similar style, their outfits comprises of skinny trousers, a statement jacket and a good pair of kicks.

Thomas has gone for more of the camouflage tonal palette to work well with the forest green of his jacket. His brown trousers are skinny with extra detailing of patterned pockets. Thomas has paired his trousers with a blue pinstriped shirt and khaki green jacket which you can see has military style aesthetics’ infused from the way the jacket is cut and the style of badges adorned.

Nathan on the other hand has gone for skinny turned up jeans, a printed white tee and what looks to be a vintage leather jacket, which all assists in making that bold fashion statement we love!